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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

What's everybody been up to for the last few days?


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With not being able to waste your time on here, and having to face the real world, what have you been doing to pass the time?


I've got loads of work done in the last few days, can't believe how efficient I can be without distractions.

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Only time I have ever been on RAWK was to see if there was anyone posting about why YNWA is down!!


Haha, same. I also logged into facebook to kill time.


And also looked to see if the domain ynwa.tv was up for sale. It was, for a day. :D

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Amazing what u can achieve when not loitering on ynwa.tv..


This week I started a new business, ran 4 back to back marathons, laughed at Moyes, bought a house, sold it, laughed at Moyes, peeled a banana and crushed a grape...then laughed at Moyes...


Have to say...forum looks a bit weird..none of the posts have updates right now..its like an online 28 days later..

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I've been baking f***ing mountains of quiche. My pastry is light and crisp and I've got the fillings delicate and full of flavour.

I didnt know I could do pastry but it's a piece of piss.

Going to do a tarte au citron next. It's the same shortcuts pastry but with a bit of icing sugar in the mix.

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