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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

Tony Gubba - RIP

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And in tribute the sorely missed fella...., courtesy, of course, of HMHB (and Bigal):


They come from underneath the stairs

Into my room but no-one cares

They’re on the bus and on the train

They’re knocking on my window pane

Oh Mother telephone the nurse

Can’t you see it’s getting worse

I close my eyes yet still it seems

Everybody in my dreams

Gubba look-a-likes

Gubba look-a-likes


I wake up screaming in the hall

I didn’t mean to wake at all

I run and lock the bathroom door

Turn on the taps and out they pour

Through all the villages and towns

A thousand sandy-coloured clowns

I try and escape down private drives

And then I reach the Readers’ Wives

Gubba look-a-likes

Gubba look-a-likes


In order to fling off this curse, I spend all day drinking in diverse taverns, with smarmy acrobats and balding senators. But after a while they too adopt the likeness, and begin to breed like town pigs. As a drunken lump I fall into a state of blissful unconsciousness, but the moment is fleeting, and I awake once more in despair – and in my final agonies believe myself lost.


Gubba look-a-likes…


In every film and every play

On every public right of way

On every flag I see unfurled

On all the grounds in all the world

The one armed bandits in the bar

In the back of every car

And even on my dying day

They’ll refuse to go away

When I walk towards the light

Something somewhere won’t be right

And what was once my Uncle Keith

Says there’ll never be relief

And we’ll go on and on and on and on and on


Gubba look-a-likes…

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They had Gerald Sinstadt on R5 to pay tribute. Another great of the commentating game.




Oh the laughs all around when he Gerald Sinstadt got picked up by the fuzz when they raided the Gilmore, him with his hand down his dirty mac and the continental party just starting up front on the silver and regal-stained screen.

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BBC commentators are dying in the wrong order. :(

i wanted to strangle motson for the way he commentated on the swansea game at the weekend. when he doesn't know the rules he asks a f***ing question of himself. "well lama thought he had scored, and i think you have to wonder whether or not he was offside?'. all in that choked up nudged awake while sleepily masturbating warble of his. b*****d.

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