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RBS 6 nations ticket lost!


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I know its a huge stab in the dark being on a football forum and all but here it goes!


My mate was given a pair of free tickets to the England game tomorrow and gave me one. Last week decided that he cant afford the trip so said i could have the 2nd ticket but hes lost it. I contacted the RFU yesterday and filled out a form for duplicate tickets however by the time i sent it back the office had closed they confirmed the seat number and purchaser of the ticket (my employers)


However as they are closed for the weekend i dont know if i should go on my own or take the other half as the train down is bleeding expensive. I would feel quite bad leaving her outside whilst i went in and watched the game with a empty seat next to me.


I know the ticket office opens tomorrow at 11am but im going to be half way to London by then... bit of a dilemma and i dont know if any of you have had a similar experience?



So do you think i have any chance of getting a reissue on the day? or that they pick up my email 1st thing in the moring?


Either way i am going to give my mate a kick in the shins next time i see him...especially if he finds the ticket Sunday night!

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Only thing i worry about is dragging the other half down and her not getting a ticket as my company brought it.... i do have the email sent from one of the staff at the RFU confirming the lost tickets seat number though..... i think we should take the gamble personally but its an extra £55 in train fairs which we cant afford to waste!

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Other than the Rugby is there much else around Twickenham? Noticed Kew Gardens is nearby.. might just send her off if she cant get her ticket.


Please don't suggest the RFU rugby museum i don't think she would enjoy that one!

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