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Of course, the big question for next season is...


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...who is going to be vice-captain.


Thought it interesting Suarez got the armband in the FA Cup recently, and Reina and Lucas have both captained the side. Think Skrtel may have too. Then there's Agger, who skipper's his country


Got to be someone who can stand tall in that dressing room. Filling Carra's boots is a big ask

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Can't choose between Lucas, Suarez and Pepe. Pref no a keeper I spose. Lucas is probably a future captain so him


They are the immediate 3 I would think of and to be honest Suarez is only in there as an "Arsenal type" choice i.e. a punt in order to try keep him.


As for Reina, there will be a decision to be made if management think he will be off.


Lucas is the natural option I think.


Will Pepe and Luis still be here?


My immediate thoughts.

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