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Wigan vs Liverpool

Rory Fitzgerald

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Wigan in stats


  • The most important stat is that these are 4th last and were 2nd last until the last win against Reading.
  • 5th worst attack record at home averaging 1.31 goals a game.
  • Worst home defensive record leaking 2.08 goals a game on average.
  • They have not kept a clean sheet at home this season.
  • Form guide - before the Reading win they had the worst record of any team over last 6 games. W0 D3 L3 F8 A16. Its now 5th worst with W1 D3 L2.
  • Form guide - worst home record of any team over last 6 home games. W0 D2 L4 F6 A14
  • Last league win before Reading was away to Villa on December 29th
  • Wigan are only 1 of 2 teams not to be involved in a 0-0 this season. The other is at the other end of the spectrum - Man Utd
  • In 20 of their 27 games, there have been 3 or more goals scored. 84 goals in 27 games is the 2nd highest behind Utd 95 goals in their 27 games.
  • 2nd worst defensive record in the league conceding 51 goals and have conceded '2 or more goals' in 19 league games.
  • From 13 home games, they've won 2. Everton were the highest placed team to go to The DW Stadium and not win. Utd, City, Chelsea and Arsenal have all won there.
  • When they concede the 1st goal (17 games) they've W1 D2 L14


Liverpool in stats


  • We batter Bottom 10 teams. We are 2nd best against them winning 2.42pts per game. Only Utd are better with 2.79pts per game against such teams.
  • Our record is P12 W9 D2 L1 and only conceded 9 goals which is the lowest in the league against Bottom 10 teams.
  • We are the only team that has scored in every game against a Bottom 10 team.
  • We have the most clean sheets (7) along with City against Bottom 10 teams.


In their last home game against Southampton they only had 43% of the possession and 5 shots on goal and got a last minute equaliser to draw 2-2. On the other hand, Southampton had 57% (obviously) and 11 shots on goal.



Al Habsi


Caldwell Scharner Figueroa


Boyce McCarthy McArthur Beausejour


Kone .............................................. Maloney


Di Santo


In defence, Scharner recently rejoined the club and could partner the 2 other mainstays in the backline - Caldwell & Figuero. Figuero and Boyce are their utility players as they have filled roles in the back 3 and either FB/Wide-midfield.


McCarthy and McArthur are their main midfielders and have only 4 goals and 3 assists between them in the league. If that team lines up as shown, they are likely to be more potent down the left with Beausejour and Maloney linking up down the left with those two having 14 assists between them with crosses going into Kone & Di Santo - note though that Beausejour hasnt scored this season yet.


On the right, Kone has scored 8 goals in the league so far and has 5 assists. He can play a bit more freely on the right as Boyce will hold his position much better behind him and isnt as attack minded as Beausejour on the left.


Di Santo could play in the center-forward role and has scored 5 goals this season but only 2 have been in his last 19 games. Kone has only played 2 game since coming back from the ACN and could give Martinez the option to 'rest' Di Santo and play Kone through the middle with Jordi Gomez or their new signing Espinoza given a role in a more withdrawn role between midfield and attack. However, Di Santo has started 26 of 27 games so we'll have to see but Kone is on form and can play through the center and bring a different/fresher option in at RW/RM.


As for Liverpool, we have nothing but the league to play for so there is no question of resting. We will have had 9 days rest prior to this game so you'd have to imagine that we will play our strongest team.




Johnson Carra Agger Enrique




Downing Gerrard Henderson


Sturridge Suarez


  • They are strong down their left so support Johnson with Downing. Its an away game so leave Coutinho on the bench.
  • If Kone does start down their right then Enrique could be ideal to combat his strenght and pace.
  • Press McCarthy & McArthur. Send Gerrard up alongside Henderson at times and then give Stevie a momentary breather - let him hang back and send Lucas up to press them. We did some of this early on vs Zenit when Allen and Gerrard interchanged in the 1st half and we can do the same here. Lets acknowledge the opposition is weak and interchange Lucas & Gerrard to press them.
  • Figueroa will start on their left side so its Caldwell & Scharner that will play CB/RCB. If we can get behind Boyce and get at those 2 then its an area to try. However, Boyce may hang back especially if Kone starts at CF and there is a more withdrawn player at RM.


Conclusion: Its an away game. We might batter bottom 10 teams and they might be a bit rubbish but its important in an away game to stamp your authority on the game. No complacency, get in their faces early on as they like to play football. Press the f*** out of them. After that, they are pourous at the back. Al Habsi could have the game of his life but we should be getting at him. If we can get things right in deep midfield areas and push our full backs up then we should be able to push them back and get plenty of possession. In my opinion, if Lucas, Gerrard, Johnson and Enrique have good games when in possession then we will create alot - its these positons that I believe will be the key to punishing these.

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well I'm going the f***ing game


who else is?


What's our plan. Obviously we leave earlier than any man has ever left to set off for an away game. I'm thinking 10am.


There's got to be somewhere worth going to near that godforsaken hell hole. And don't, just don't, mention Black f***ing Rod. Whatever that is.

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What's our plan. Obviously we leave earlier than any man has ever left to set off for an away game. I'm thinking 10am.


There's got to be somewhere worth going to near that godforsaken hell hole. And don't, just don't, mention Black f***ing Rod. Whatever that is.


And what's wrong with Blackrod?

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With Suarez and Sturridge together, surely any kind of performance similar to the Swansea one, and we should be winning this without much strife. They're dreadful, they dont score a lot of goals and they dont keep goals out. Plus, they just won and they're not the kind of side who should be winning games back-to-back, plus they're out of the bottom 3, so should have less of a 'must-win' feeling about them because their current position is a safe one.


FFS, if we dont win this.... :D


Wigan are the 5th lowest scorers at home games in the Premier League, and have the joint worst home defensive record in the league, having conceded 27 (only Reading have conceded this many). Only 2 home wins in the league from 13 attempts.


By contrast, only Chelsea, Spurs and Man Utd have scored more away league goals than us. Granted we've conceded more away league goals than anyone else in the top half, apart from West Brom. But still....we need to be looking at a game like this as being a comfortable win, and it should be if we have any aspirations of being a top 6 or higher side.

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Where is good for parking near the ground?


There's loads of easy parking for this, close to the ground. There's some big blot of land, near the 'Powerleague' centre, which is used for parking. Costs a fiver, if i recall correctly and it's on Stadium Way. Basically, if you're driving in the direction of the ground, you cannot miss it.


Whatever you do, dont park on the retail park - you'll get ticketed.

Edited by DJS
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