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Observing the 80s


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I thought this might be something people on here would be interested in.


The University has been putting together a project based on the Mass Observation archive at Sussex particularly focused on the 1980s. There's a load of really good and interesting stuff on there about Thatcher and the politics of the 80s but also good stuff on feminism, war, sexuality, the family, community.


I didn't actually have anything to do with the project but I know those who did and they're very good at this.


Considering some of the discussions on Thatcher, politics etc we've had on here I thought it might be of interest to everyone.


Here's the website and here's the youtube channel

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Will have a look at that when I have time. Looks excellent.


Made me think of this Tracey Thorn quote from a piece on her in the Observer on Sunday.


In many ways her memoir is as much about the cultural shifts of the 80s as it is about music, and she looks relieved when I say so.


"Well that's good, because I do feel the 80s gets described in a funny way sometimes and I do feel a lot of the atmosphere of the period gets forgotten; it's as though the clocks turned at midnight – 79 turned into 80 – and everyone just turned into different people wearing shoulder pads and drinking champagne. It's just bizarre. I didn't know anyone who was like that, or was into that, or liked those kinds of bands, or did that kind of thing. And that's not because I lived the most radical, alternative life – because there were thousands and millions of people who were just like us. So the trouble is, one side of it has been a bit written out of history." Because history is written by the winners? "Yeah, probably, I suppose, because Thatcher's lot won."

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