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Let's Kick Emre Out Of Football

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and zokora's still got nothing on this.



It is a thing of sheer beauty


I remember watching that game at a mate's house on the ale, we were cheering every attempted foul, the final one was like LFC had just scored, it was raucous.



A great foul, all PE teachers should show that to kids as an example to behold


...and the boot coming off is just a thing of subtle beauty. It kind of frames the foul; almost like an artistic masterstroke

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he flashes the yellow as he's walking off so was he yellowed before



according to Fifa.com Massing was top of the cards in the tournament - 2 yellows (1 v Argentina 1 v England) and 1 red (v Argentina) in only 2 matches played :applause:



so i reckon the ref has had a Graham Poll moment there

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