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Duncan Disorderly

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My wife's got no nose. Septum collapsed due to gak abuse. How does she smell? Averagely.

see that joke...well the one about the dog....I always thought that the reason it smelled terrible was because of the no no's..until i realised that most people probably didnt call s*** no no's.


or is it.


Im still not 100% to be honest!

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Panic-buying hit stores, including Tesco, as a red alert for snow led customers to clear the shelves of food. Pony Club members are advised to padlock their stables....


A man drove over a cockerel, killing it. He knocked on the door of the farm opposite and said to the woman who opened the door, "I'm sorry but I've killed your cockerel. I'd like to replace him" The woman said, "Suit yourself, you'll find the hens round the back."

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