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"Football is one of the easiest ways to make money if you have the money to invest in it. Roman already had money and perhaps what comes with money is the need for more of it…and power...

Although he has spent a large amount of money, we’re making him money too. We’re delusional if we think he is some long lost fan doing the best for the club and its fans. He is here to make money, end of...


"I think we’re at a very surreal stand off with Roman. On one hand we’re very grateful for making our dreams come true…on the other we know he has sucked the life out of the club causing fans to become confused with where their Chelsea has gone. It’s almost a case of greed vs. morality…we want success but is it worth selling our soul for it?"


"I’ll always be Chelsea, I didn’t have the crest tattooed on me for a laugh, I’m in this for life…but sometimes I truly have to look bloody hard at the club, right into the depths of it to remind myself why because on the surface at the moment is disgustingly unhygienic."


In it's full glory



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