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Malsysia and Singapore


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Hi all,


Paid deposit on Honeymoon in July going for 3 weeks to Singapore and Malsysia. Flying in to Singapore staying for 4 nights then heading off to Kota Kinabulu in Borneo for another 4 days then from KK to Kuala Lumpar for 3 days and finishing off with 5 days in Langkawi.


We both have a few things that we want to tick off whilst in various places such as a jet ski tour of LK the sky bridge seeing the orang-utans in the wild the night safari in Singapore is there anything anyone here can thing of as a must see?


Also any tips at all for travel in SE asia as neither myself or future wife have been to this region before.


many thanks in advance!


The journey home is going to be long and painful at least i have booked an extra week off work :)

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I can give you a few impressions of Singapore and Kuala but nothing really must see. In Singapore there's the old town and Raffles hotel (or there was in 1992) which is a bit "place to see" but overrated in my view. Singapore is mainly shopping - you can walk from air conditioned to air conditioned shopping centre all day without stepping out into the extremely humid heat. I was working at the time so I didn't particularly see the place from a tourist perspective. What may be spectacular if you witness is a rain storm - you'll realise why the roadside storm drains are so huge. Nightlife is pretty good with lots of clubs but alcohol is very expensive. There are some excellent restaurants.


Kuala I preferred, mainly as I was more on holiday than working and it is less regimented, less like being in a clinic all the time. No "must-see" ideas. Again it is possible to find good restaurants. What was striking was the fact that the city ends and the dense forest starts immediately - got myself a bit off track in a car once without knowing where I was heading.


As I said my recollections are based on a working visit so I probably missed out on all the sites. Enjoy your honeymoon!

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I've lived in Singapore for 3 years. Its probably the dullest place I've ever been but if you are only there for a couple of days you can ignore most of the things that depress me about it. So good points:

  • The airport is the best in the world. If you can, fly Singapore Air. Its without doubt the best airline servicing this area. I've tried pretty much them all, and while its more expensive, the extra cost is worth it. Public transport on the island is very cheap and very good and probably the best way to get around.
  • The range of food is exceptional and very cheap. The vast majority of people eat out all the time. We've got friends, for example, who've never used their kitchen. That they might have spent thousands on it (for show) has very little to do with it. Let me know what kinds of food you like and I'll post some suggestions.
  • Someone has already mentioned shopping on Orchard Road. Just about every designer brand has a presence there but there is little point in buying unless there is a sale on. Most goods are far more expensive than in Europe. Electronics are cheaper but if you are going to Hong Kong, hold off til you get there because the prices are lower there.
  • Orchard Towers has already been mentioned by someone. Unless you're an overweight, sweaty bloke of a certain age 'looking for love' I'd avoid. Its quite common that shopping centres are dedicated to particular trades/products. Sim Lim Square is the best place to buy electronics because of the number of electronic retailers there, for example. Orchard Towers is five stories of 'massage parlors '.
  • Quite why anyone would go to Raffles Bar for an over price cocktail I'm not sure but if you are then you should also visit Little India and China Town which are close by. They're both popular with tourists and very much Asia-lite but they are still vibrant places and worth a visit
  • There is still lots of evidence of the British past here. Dempsey, which is very popular with ex-pats, used to be a British barracks, for example. I like the place but again its only worth spending a couple of hours at most. The Botanic gardens (again a British legacy) is lovely. I live quite near by and used to go there nearly every day. The rain forest at McRitchie is also a lovely place for a walk.
  • Holland Village is very popular with ex-pats. It looks very much like a 1960s English council estate but has lots of bars etc.
  • I've not done the night tour but a lot of people say its quite good.
  • If gambling is your thing then you'll probably end up at the Marina Bay Sands. Its an architecturally interesting building but I cannot stand it. The whole area is soulless but at the night time it is quite beautiful. The mixture of cars on the motor ways and lights from the financial centre are wonderful to look at but then again that's probably not something you'd do on holiday.

I've only ever visited Southern Malaysia. There are some really beautiful, completely deserted beaches there. Penang is supposed to be beautiful and somewhere I've been planning to visit for ages. I should be there in the next few weeks and I'm going to in Johor Bahru soon. I'll ask some people I know there for suggestions if you like.


Stevie H is in a better position to discuss Thailand but Bangkok is worth a visit from my experience. If I'd suggest one place to see in the region it would be Vietnam. I love the place.

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Get yourself down to The Orchard Towers

Four floors of whoors!!


Sentosa is amazing if only to marvel at what they've achieved in 15 years. Universal and the Water Park are worth swerving as they are both on the lame side. But if you do go, do a weekday. The aquarium is amazing, however. A walk round Telok Ayer Street and Ann Siang Hill area through to Pagoda St is good to geta feel for the place as it was - and the Govt have actuallky started to recognise the heritage and give some help to those wandering. Serangoon Road (Little India MRT) on a Sunday pm is good fun and you can go to the banana leaf curry house on Racecourse Road. Jumbo Seafood out in the East Coast park is also great - chances are you'll go past it on the way into town from Changi (which as said above is amazing)


Night safari is ace, as is the zoo itself - they have pandas there at the moment which may be your thing.


Shopping is not as cheap as it use to be. SOME electronics are a smidge cheaper and you can "export" them to get the GST (VAT) back - an iPad mini works out about £70 cheaper than here, for example


(We were just there for New Year)

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Cheers guys we both want to eat local food and anything. Obviously it being our honeymoon we want to wat out in a few nicer resyurants but neither of us are worried about eating at street stalls in fact i look forward to that the most.

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