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Andy Jacobs


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For those who dont know him, he does the 1pm show on Talksport with Paul Hawksbee. Jacobs is a Chelsea fan and very much anti-Liverpool. And generally just a tw*t. On the radio, he just makes himself sound like a bit of a cretin. On Twitter however, tonight especially, he has been hilarious - lost the plot completely. New meaning to the word 'bitter', blocks anyone who says anything remotely contrary to his opinion and laughably asks people why they are bothering to follow him, before blocking them - only to then be made to look like a fool when they often confirm that they hadnt been following him the first place :D


He tweeted this earlier, and then deleted it....





That aside, his online meltdown tonight has been comical and if anyone cares to enjoy seeing how badly this guy is cracking up, his twitter is here:



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Don't disagree, but....


He was very supportive of the Justice single; no caveats or qualms, full-on supportive, even when laughing about how he this sould be an issue where he would get less abuse on the Liverpool forums (e.g interviewing John Bishop - and Peter Hooton, maybe?)


He is no plastic - he gets so emotional and uptight because they are and have always been his team, been going since the '50s iirc. A genuine fan. I'd probably be like him if I was on the radio, tbh. But there is no question that Hawksbee carries him.


Slight tangent - did anyone catch them interviewing Motson a few weeks back. It was at a race meeting, and Motson was only on because they had bumped into him - not planned, as could be guessed from the fact that Motson had clearly been enjoying the refreshments. It was the North London derby the next day, and he laughed about where his real feelings lay betwee the two teams ("you both know....") before the talk moved on to Liverpool, where I am sure he said to Jacobs something on the lines of 'well its Liverpool, and you and I both feel the same about that club....'. Quite an admission for a BBC commentator.


Hawksbee is easily the best presenter on talksport , seems like a decent guy compared to other c**** and dimwits on that station

He has mates here and often visits, and always says what a great place it is for a night out or a weekend. Seems like someone you could have a drink with, and pretty funny with it.

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I rarely listen to Talksport but I was listening to 5Live in between commentaries (which I generally avoid) recently and Pat Murphy was quite hilariously putting down Robbie Savage in a threeway interview about Villa. He could not and did not even try to hide his contempt. Marvellous.

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