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Liverpool - Stag do

Ed the Wool

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Thinking of doing my stag in Liverpool this year. People coming from various places, so plan is for a meet up Fri night, late breakfast some sort of activity in the day (which may or may not involve heavy drinking) followed by a night out on the Sat.


Interested in recommendations for activites and bars/clubs. I've nto been out in Liverpool much the last 5-6 years, think the last time I went was my brothers stag, ended up in the The Peacock cos it was sunny and then the Magnet.



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New Year Resolutions thread, right now.








Went to the comedy at the Slaughterhouse for my brothers, has anyone ever seen a stand up in Liverpool called 'Nige'? He was absolutely barking mad but really f***ing funny.


good for you that


Is there going to be a match involved Ed?



Depends if I leave it until the summer. Not everyone is a red either but it'd be good and keep us off the ale for a good 90 ish minutes, which at my age might be a blessing. Getting hold of 30 odd tickets might be a stretch though.


Is this an annual event?


It's a once in a lifetime. DD. Am not nervous about getting stripped and tied to the pier head or something wool like that, more that most of my mates have always liked a heavy session. If it all comes together at once the risk of someone falling in the docks/Mersey/getting arrested/suffering internal bleeding/drinking/scooping/snorting themselves into hospital is a real concern.


Is this an annual event?


Was a bit slow on that. Penny has dropped now. :P

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Day trip to Warrington. Few pints in the Adelphi Vaults. Who could ask for anything more?


I've been to the National the last few years with a load of lads from the North East, and they've booked Warrington for the hotel and night out this year. I'm f***ing dreading it.


I had you down as a 'Wilkies Tavern' man Matty.


Edit: Can anyone who has met Matty confirm if this is him on here http://www.qype.co.uk/place/228957-Adelphi-Vaults-Hotel-Warrington


Outwitted by DD Ed man you need to quicken up.


You know when you're getting married like and it's proximity to the season?


Getting married 28th Sept so could do it early season yeah. Is it possible to get massive blocks of tickets?

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I'm not sure I should speak to someone that gets married during the season.


We beat Chelsea 1:0 the day I got married, on reflection it was the best thing to happen that day. Doubt you'll get anywhere with the block booking and the issue is that Sky are going to be f***ing up the fixtures a little too close for you to plan if you're bringing hordes.


What you can do however is f*** the majority off till later that evening go the match and be less pissed than everyone else.

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Is this an annual event?

Ha! Was doing some research on some potential clients earlier and they have some bits about them on linkedin etc. One of them was 'originally born in Loughborough', I don't know where they were born after that....

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