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Van Basten

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Van Bastens farewell at San Siro and Capello's tears is a moment in football I will never forget.


San Marco's career was ruined by loads of unnecessary operations on his ankle. Ironic part of it was that the problems started coz of a stupid and unnecessary tackle by himself.

Best natural striker Holland ever had. Him and Bergkamp were a dream duo who only played together at one major tournament in Sweden in 1992.

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Didn't realise when he was only 27 when he had to quit. Never saw him play but if he was as good as everyone says then that's pretty upsetting


He played his last game (the 1993 CL final) aged 28. He was born in October 1964. Still a very early retirement for such a talent. Never scored a goal in the WC finals.


His farewell here


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Can't believe that even after he confessed in retirement to doing people deliberately he still gets any license.


‘Of course I can tackle,’ he said. ‘There’s plenty of evidence of me being able to tackle.


‘I was just getting people back. If someone got me early in the game, it was always in the back of my mind that I needed to get them back. I didn’t always do it on purpose. Some of it was just bad timing.’


Scholes claimed he received more bookings towards the end of his playing days because of his reputation and insisted his record was nothing out of the ordinary.



His record might have have been nothing out of the ordinary because he was cautioned far less than he should have been

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