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The best year of your life (so far)


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1990 was superb. 1996. 2000 and 2001 were great.

Never looked back on a year and thought ' thank f*** that's over ', although came close to it recently when in the space of about 12 months my cousin was killed and best friend died, but others have far worse times than that and we're lucky to be here anyway, whether your faith is in religion or science.

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1990 - Had my own money for the first time, Madchester in full swing, great music, good times. Also (apart from the first two weeks) going to Uni in the Autumn and having a blast.


1994 and 1995 - moved to London late 94, had a career development loan, started volunteering in the Commons, loads of free time and mates nearby.


Basically, no year since i started working full time has been among the best. funny that.

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