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Forum Awards 2012


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We all love self-referential bolloks on here, don't we?


So here is a thread for the forum awards 2012.


Some categories:


Thread of the year

Post of the year

Poster of the year

Bellend of the year

Most sadly missed

Forum Hall of Famer

The NYR shield for failing to grasp things.


Post of the year, I would suggest goes with little doubt to Coyler for his majestic Edwina Currie comment.


Most sadly missed to Baldy Boring Buddhist Bellend Banders.

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who is on the panel, what is the format for voting, do voters get entered in a prize draw, what's the prize, what happens if you win a category - do you get a certificate, who is in charge?

Me; you post in the thread; no; nothing; you smile and have a thrash; me.

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