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I seek the opinion of the forum

Tommy Cockles

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Depends on where you are going to live when the boy is growing up. if its going to be Wilmslow for example, Phoenix will probably fit right in, if its Moss side he'll get his head kicked in most days.



Why not suggest you both come up with your top 5 names and then compare notes. This might generate other viable options you are both open to.

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Her first choice was Paxton.


I've khyboshed that already.


Paxton? Phoenix is an improvement I suppose, keep knocking her choices back and see where you get to.


That's our son's name too.


Mate of OM's and mine's son is called Arlo.


Phoenix is a rubbish name.


my youngest daughter would have been Arlo if she was a boy.

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no, no and thrice nay.


Ask her reasoning behind it.


the 5 names each it is fine. It also depends on your surname (not that Phoenix is ok with anything). If you have a gaelic surname, an Irish or Scottish christian name is fine, not-so if your surname is French.


If my daughter was a boy, Flynn was a leading contender.

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