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Linesman killed during youth game

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A football linesman beaten and kicked by teenage players during a youth match has died.


Three players aged between 15 and 16 were arrested after Richard Nieuwenhuizen collapsed at the Dutch club Nieuw Sloten in the town of Almere on Sunday.


The 41-year-old, whose own son had been playing in the game, later died in hospital. His team, Buitenboys, has not announced the exact cause of death.


"You can't believe this could happen. That kids of 15 or 16 are playing football, you come to watch and see something like that," said Buitenboys chairman Marcel Oost. "He did it every week. He enjoyed doing it. He was a real football man; he was always here."


Dutch sports minister Edith Schippers said: "It is absolutely terrible that something like this can happen on a Dutch sports field."


Parents and other volunteers regularly referee and officiate at sports matches involving their children in the Netherlands, where youth football and hockey is popular and well-organised.


Anton Binnenmars, of the Royal Netherlands Football Association, said: "It is too crazy for words that somebody involved in a sporting hobby becomes a victim of this kind of aggression."




Shocking this. I remember refs getting bullied when I used to play youth footie usually egged on by their divvy parents.






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Just found out that this the club my nephew plays at in the under 9s! Seems really common for trouble to happen when an Amsterdam team travels out to a suburb or further out according to my sis (sorry if this is incorrect). All the kids and members are completely in shock with the younger ones worrying that it might happen to them on the pitch.

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Reading the report, he left apparently ok and collapsed later.


Makes you wonder if action would have been taken if the tragedy had not occured.


Some of the c**** playing Sunday league or egging their kids on from the sideline need to be clamped down on before it gets out of hand here too. I'd hate to be a ref in some of the s***holes I've played at.

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