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Brian Laws


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Sc***horpe boss Brian Laws has issued an apology after saying his team's defending was "as bad as the Holocaust" in Saturday's 4-0 defeat by Doncaster.


Laws used the comment in a post-match interview with BBC Radio Humberside.


He told the club website: "I would like to apologise. The use of the word was not intended to cause offence and was used in the heat of the moment.


"It was a poor choice of language to define those emotions and wasn't meant in the true meaning of the word."


The Board of Deputies of British Jews released a statement in relation to Laws's comment and chants by West Ham fans at their Spurs counterparts on Sunday saying: "Clearly there is either a lack of understanding or a lack of compassion within some sections of the British football world about these issues; a lack of understanding or compassion which needs to be addressed."


Laws returned to Glanford Park for a third spell as Iron manager last month and has won two, drawn one and lost two of his five league games in charge.

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"I do feel sympathy for Brian, of course. Not that he'll need it. As a manager sometimes you have times like these, we all do, tough times, difficult days, you know, and all you want is for the ground to open up and swallow you like it did those little kiddies in soham."

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Brian Laws today commented on how morale at the club has taken a dip recently and was summed up by the early goal going in. "It's been hard, they definitely let it get to them. I've not seen chins drop that quickly since the Rape of Nanking".


Spectacular work.

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