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Why is it our shooting is so diabolical these days? Ever since Gera on the first day of the season teams seem to be rocketing them in from 25 yards all the time with these new balls (another two belters today) yet our shooting from distance is consistently awful.


Case in point is Gerrard - what on earth has happened to his shot? Stevie used to be one of the best and cleanest strikers of a ball in the world, but these days his shooting is almost comically bad - he actually can't seem to even get the ball even close to being on target. Yet in his heyday he used to astonish me with his ability to strike a clean ball even when seemingly off balance or on the half volley.


People are thinking Gerrard's influence is waning, but I think his legs are fine - its his shooting that has gone completely to pot. It's bizarre seeing as its not something you would expect to go with age. Only Suarez has been able to strike from any distance - the rest just scuff and slice it.

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Have you ever noticed that at the end of the warm up session before a game they always end with a shoot-in - and they are diabolical. Just count the number of times they miss. It's staggering. They actually score at a rate of less than one in two. Next time you're there just count. They've been like that for a few years. In fact a fair few aren't even on target. Now you would think that a rolling ball played to them not far from the penalty spot and with no one near them would at least hit the target 9 times out of 10 and even hit the back of the net 7 times out of ten. But no. And therein lies a problem.

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gerrard just taken too long to wind-up the shot recently, seems a bit hesitant, confidence and the groin injuries probably an issue. In his pomp he'd laser them in, with very little back lift at times. most getting blocked right in front now. either that or dragged wide. may be trying to hit too hard. also not getting the ball laid back to him that often might be a factor. or not getting into areas to.


suso's been good recently to be fair.

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