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iTunes back up recovery


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Does anyone know of a FREE piece of software that will let me get my photos back off iTunes . Tried googling this and got a few which let me get 2 photos as a trial. Cheers


Jim, you're going to have to explain better what you mean. You are also going to have to make a decision to either learn about the stuff you're using in order to be able to fix some stuff or pay to have some stuff fixed. ATM the choice of not paying and not learning is a little optimistic.


Do you mean Itunes on your PC or your iPod. Like the photo's are just files, if you know where you're looking and spend a little bit of time getting to know how your stuff works you'll be able to manage them a bit better.

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My iPod crashed and I hadn't backed up my photos. Thus I need a way to get them back out of my laptop. I tried the free recovery gizmos and they showed it could be done, but they only recovered 2 pictures from the laptop. I tried looking for the files myself but couldn't find them.

Now I know I need to back the photos up separately , but I need the others recovered

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