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Lost a good friend today....


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Woke up this morning, got an email saying that one of my friends had passed away, was only 34 years young, in good health (as far as I knew) active, kept fit and was a really decent guy.


He recently got married, they exchanged on there first house late last week, moved in yesterday, went to sleep as normal and he passed away during the night :( :(.


Was a huge Liverpool fan, RIP Kam - YNWA


It was and is a massive shock, it things like this that help put life into perspective - I am not saying go crazy (or do!) but enjoy life, keep positive and sometimes rather than worrying about possible "rainy days" live for the moment.





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Sorry to hear that lad, had similar, its s**** eh?


Only advice I can give is take your time to grieve. then look at how you draw some sort of positive from it..


Yes, I think its the shock, when someone isnt too well or is later in life its easier to deal with. With him being 34 all of us are in shock, only saw him last week :(


I think with any loss you never really get over it fully but find different ways of dealing with it.


Thanks again everyone

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