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Blue Lines and Brizzle


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Nice article in The Guardian today about 'Blue Lines.'


My link


Some of the music that came out of Bristol around this period was astonishingly good. Massive Attack, Tricky, Portishead, even Smith and Mighty. There is a great little compilation called 'The Hard Sell' which came out in aid of Sickle Cell Anemia that had some fantastic tunes on it. And then we move on to the likes of Roni Size, V Records and Full Cycle. Basically, with a bus load of dope, this became the sound of my Uni years.


It hasn't aged too badly either.


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And anybody who mentions 'trip hop' can go and f*** themselves. I think it was Neil Kulkarni who said that it was hiphop with the black taken out, and he was right.



You could brood your head off though.


Brooding majesty.


Brooding got a lot of work put its way. Made millions and then retired to brood in a big brooding mansion overlooking the brooding bristol brooding channel and the clifton suspension broodge.


Brooding brilliance.

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Top link, enjoyed that.


Was listening to a compilation yesterday that had the original 'Heyyy heyyy, heyy heyyy' from Unfinished Sympathy on it, John McLaughlin, Planetary citizen. Hadn't realised it was a sample until then.


Just seen this linked in the comments


and then this




Some of those look damn good!

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