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So, Striker then

baja the hut

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Can we have this as a Yesil to the first team thread and then let it organically morph into a transfer thread.




Rodgers should try something slightly different now and rotate the youngsters - long season ahead

For all their verve and ability, Suso and Sterling have one goal between them in 10 league starts. Assaidi deserves his chance.


Play him with Yesil in the league cup and see what happens


There's little point in discussing ideal targets yet, but i think there's one to be had about the front three. Lots of pace in attack, not so much in midfield. There's an imbalance there and i think we're too eager to pass to the front players without supporting them. This is more noticeable as Gerrard is playing more reserved role, and in some games, i think Sahin has been isolated or detached from the game


Needs tweeking

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We play with one forward. We have two. One is injured, which is a problem but we have players who can do a job there. It's a problem but it's not the defining narrative of our season like some fans suggest.



It's a problem so posting in a thread on the subject that it isn't worth discussing is a bit naff, especially as - in this thread - i haven't seen anyone say it's the biggest issue we have.


And players that can do a job - how many league goals between the forwards other than Suarez ?

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