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Indoor Cricket


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Great if you like the game but can't spare the time at the weekends. Obviously a great winter alternative too. Nice bite sized 1 hour games.


Only just started playing and still getting used to the unusual format and scoring.


Any tips? Batting seems to teach bad habbits as you try to force too many balls back past bowler.

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You have to play on the front foot, imo. You wont be able to generate any power playing back, unless you intend to bounce the ball. Also, try to consistently hit the ball to the left of a fielder as most are right handed. A lot of close ins fumble, even if the ball is coming straight at them if directed to their wrong side.

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I played this years ago in an indoor dome that is usually used for indoor footy. It was great fun, especially if we used a tennis ball to make it interesting.


Tips? When you are fielding stay as far back as possible and trot in to the ball. Bowling? Yorkers and bouncers (if allowed) Batting? keep your eye on the ball and your head as still as possible, get forward and smack the crap out of the ball.


Don't play with Indians or Pakistanis, they cheat all the time if there isn't a neutral umpire.

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