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Lodge Lane food this week

Vlad JNR

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Ladies and gents, does anyone fancy a Somalian meal on Lodge Lane this week, a desert in Sprinklez and a couple on the Lane or a similar location (closer to doveale rd would be preferable)? A school night would suit me fine this week, let me know if you're interested.

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just got back from the Lakes, so no go


glad to see the African scran project is being taken seriously though



I'll take you up Vlad, but not next week - it's all planned out already;


I'll bring a few homies from the Southside and we can make a YNWA night of it (Crosby lads can come too)


how about we have the scran after Reading? We'll be stuffed after eating and in need of a nap but that's no problem 'cos we'll just crack open the schnoozle to recover, chase it with tequila and hit Lark Lane real hard



who's in? or to put it another way, which of these are out (and why?)


DH ('til9)


Jarg Armani


Kaizer `Sauze

Smithdown (designated tour guide and driver)


Clay Davies





any ooters over for the game who want in

a few judies, for balance - but that's for later

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perhaps on reflection this plan seems a little ambitious


one problem is that some people are so cool that they can't be seen to be wading in enthusiastically, even though if they were left out, one would never hear the end of it

for some people, the invite is the thing, see?

perhaps we should do this for our 'annual YNWA get together' instead......

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Haven't you heard?




ok, this is cancelled


but we could use it or something like it, as a blueprint for our annual Xmas get together - as in, perhaps we could take things up a notch and have a convivial meal before the piss up (even if the event only happens in the virtual world)

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A virtual Somalian christmas night out? That would be different.


Has Molby commenced the organisation of a christmas night out? Is this thread now going to descend into pages of checking diaries with various dates being suggested as being unsuitable, and total chaos like the London boys christmas drinks thread?

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