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Best LFC goal ever?


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FourFourTwo are doing a feature on the best ever goal of every club in the top four divisions and the SPL and are looking for submissions from fans. I help them out sometimes so am just passing this on if anyone's interested in making a nomination: http://fourfourtwo.com/blogs/fourfourtwoview/archive/2012/09/26/name-your-club-s-best-goal-ever.aspx


It's purely based on how good the goal was in terms of skill/technique/aesthetics, rather than how important it was. You can contact the guys putting it together at contact@fourfourtwo.com (use subject "Best Goal Liverpool") or @FourFourTwo via Twitter (using the hashtag #ourbestgoal).



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which one - the 7-0 or the volley @ WHL? - they're both up there


StevieG v WHU in the Cup Final though - Roy Race meets Hot Shot Hamish


I'd have the header in the 7-0. That cup final goal was special.

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wtf was I on about
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Aldridge in the 88 semi final was a thing of beauty too - perfect example of the artistry of the Beardsley, Barnes & Aldo combo


Was just about to say that. Amazing goal, The one two, the reverse pass, the cross and the volley were all a thing of beauty

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