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Modern art and architecture

Earl Hafler

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Was just watching Pointless and they featured the Oscar Niemeyer parliament buildings in Brasilia. What they didn't mention was that he also designed chairs.


From this




to this




There's Arne Jacobsen




And Marcel Breuer, who did these two ( the Cesca chair has been copied so many times )











Any favs ?

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I loved that Escort. You should have seen the damage the other two kids caused.


Sadly - my bollix - these award winning flats have been torn down. I had my first indoor domestic bath in Divis Tower. Prior to that it was tin - in front of the fire or the Falls Road Public Baths. Ah, the good old days.

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Big Niemeyer fan, here - planning a visit to Brasilia next year.


My favourite building in the world is The Anglican cathedral in Liverpool, I think it's absolutely magnificent. 


Also a big fan of Battersea Power station - was lucky enough to get to see inside that a couple of years ago during the open-house weekend, it was great, got some cool photos.


The Masonic lodge in Covent Garden is also a sight to behold - the inside is like an art-deco palace.



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