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Other teams you can watch

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There are some teams I just cannot bear to watch. There are others who I like to watch to hope they lose. Some, I jsut can't figure out.


I actually do watch Chelsea and Man Utd games because I do enjoy seeing them lose. If they start winning 2-0, I turn them off.


I don't mind watching Spurs, Arsenal, West Ham, West Brom and Fulham. And it is pure coincidence that most are from London.


I absolutely can't stand watching Newcastle, Sunderland, Villa, Bolton, Blackburn, Southampton, Birmingham, Wigan, Wolves, Norwich, and Reading.


I'm strangely ambivalent to watching Everton. I like to see us hammer them, but other than that, it makes no difference to me. I feel the same about Man City too, but I am learning to dislike them.


I generally don't like Swansea, but for watching some good football, they are tough to beat. Grudging respect for them. QPR too for some reason. Maybe it's my historical memory of how entertaining they used to be.

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I watch Utd to hope that they loose.


These days I watch City to hope they win in order to deny Utd.


Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs I also watch to hope they loose as I dont see them as challengers to Utd so I hope they loose in the hope we win. Dont get me wrong, there is way too much hoping in that but I am a Liverpool fan.


The rest can w@nk off

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If Liverpool win or are doing well, I watch all football and usually latch on to one or other team depending on how it might suit us.


If Liverpoool lose, can't watch any football until we play next.


Pretty much how I am,although I don't even really watch that much other stuff when we win.


Can't remember the last time I watched the full 90 minutes of a non-Liverpool game.


Maybe the Barca-Real semi a couple of years back, or the World Cup Final.

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