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charlie clown

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Went to see em last night in Manchester - one of the strangest gigs I've ever attended. The new album comes across very well (played end to end) but the melodrama element is played up (or comes cross more clearly) and although that is interesting from a theatrical point of view I'm not sure how well it sits with the music side of it. If I thought that was odd, the second half of the show when they did some older songs was even more bizaarre: I think it ran for about and hour and ten and they did just 4 songs - Till I Believe In My Soul, Tell Me When My Light Turns Green, Come On Eileen and Tell Me What She's Like, the second two extended to about 20 minutes each.


And Madeleine Hyland is as sexy as.

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A friend of a friend interviewed him recently at a festival and he spent the whole weekend pestering her to come to his hotel with texts like "I feel we had a special connection". Then the week after he kept texting her to come and join the entourage for the UK tour, she's not even that hot. She hasn't responded once but they keep coming

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