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8 hours ago, kop205 said:

Tempting as it is to laugh at him, at and the end of the day he wasn't getting anywhere near our side either and at least he got to live somewhere nice for a year.

He'd have played a few games for us last season given the youth of some of the teams we put out. Florence is amazing though. 

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Wouldn't want to do that, don't like to wish injury on players    On unrelated point, that Greenwood guy looks special doesn't he?

Camacho You must recall Camacho coz Rafa was big and strong Enough to turn me on 

We should buy him for 50m, then we'll get £15m back 

On 13/09/2020 at 14:55, Maldini said:

Bobby Duncan is apparently training on his own in the UK, won't be going back to Fiorentina. He didn't get a sniff of their first team last season and is trying to get a move to Brentford

Seems to be on the verge of signing for Derby now.

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11 minutes ago, McBain said:

Woodburn captain's the u21s tonight

Be interesting one day to ask him how it felt lining up alongside Heskey, Litmanen etc. 

That’s mad, I don’t even remember that far back.

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