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Andre Wisdom

David Hodgson

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He's a quality young player , another of the ever growing group that are pushing their way through .


Wisdom just like Kelly has the ability to play at right back or centre back , both have the ability to drive forward with the ball , both are excellent headers of the ball .


Add to those two Coates and we are looking really well stocked for the furture defense , if only we could find a left footed version we would be sorted .

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Hmmm...I think the ceiling is a lot higher for him at CB. I'm not sure he's good enough going forward at RB to be a really top class player, maybe that side will develop if he plays there more though.


Could be some serios competition for kellys place. Needs more games there so we can have a proper look.

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You must mean reserve games ? He didn't look at all awkward tonight. Looked comfortable with the ball tbh.


I thought he looked good but I wouldn't say as comfortable as Glen Johnson which is about the level of attacking ability you need as a modern fullback

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