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Olympic Massacre: One Day In September


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Watched a documentary on the BBC last night about the 'Munich Massacre'. It was well before my time and I'll be honest I'd never even heard of it. For those who don't know a group of Palestinian terrorists went into the 1972 Munich Olympic village and took members of the Israeli Olympic team hostage, eventually killing all 11.




iplayer link to the oscar-winning documentary -> http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0074ksy/Storyville_Olympic_Massacre_One_Day_In_September/


What really struck me was the total ineptitude of the police and officials throughout the incident. There was a lack of even the basics like personal radios between snipers, inadequate weapons and training, police set to ambush the terrorists abandoned their posts, snipers were set up in line of fire of each other. The police even prepared a raid live on TV while the terrorists had TVs showing the coverage in the rooms. A month or so later terrorists hijacked a plane and demanded the surviving terrorists be extradited to Libya which the German authorities did immediately, in an event suggested to be orchestrated by the Germans.


For 20 years the authorities refused to release information, hid thousands of documents and did not accept responsibility for the results. There are even reports that the authorites were tipped off by an informant 3 weeks before the incident and has since tried to cover-up their mishandling of the whole affair.


Maybe it's just the parellels of injustice and negligence from yesterday but it really struck a chord with me.

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Yep. It was a bad one. The security at the Olympics was non-existent. People were pretty innocent then.


Apparently the lack of visible security was on purpose. The Germans wanted to use the olympics as an advert to the world to show how much different the country was to when they last hosted the games. They didn't want military hanging around the compound because it would've given off the wrong impression.. :hmm:


I watched this yesterday after seeing this thread. It blew my mind that a general, who at the time was supposed to be helping with security, was cracking jokes and relating "funny" anecdotes about just how poorly the Germans were at organising anything like a decent response to what was happening.


I'd recommend this to anyone that can get the BBC iplayer - some of the balls ups they made were unbelieveable.

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The fact that the police where hiding in the plane, then ran like feck when they lost their bottle, doesn't really help either


Or the guys that were supposed to storm in from the roof of the athletes village were chosen solely on the basis of answering yes to the question "have you ever fired a gun?" ... :unsure:


And then having to call off the action because they realised they were on live t.v and the terrorists had a telly in their room.


I don't think there was any conspiracy to it, they just didn't have a clue on how to do any counter terrorism action and were making things up as they went along.

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