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Brandon McCarthy


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Took a line drive off his head and had to have surgery due to a contusion and fractured skull. Oakland A's doctors saying that apparently he's still in a pretty dangerous situation though has shown positive signs. No most aren't bothered by baseball but A) it's pretty grim and B) he's a big red.


Article and video here:



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That's sad. I hope he does OK.


He seems to be a big supporter. Interesting. I'm not sure about his Missus' tank top.



He also made a big stand against homophobia in baseball earlier this year which made the news



Seen him pitch live three times this year - he's excellent. Hope he gets well soon and is back pitching in time for the post season

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Yeah, its exactly like that. I saw video of it and he appeared to be pretty much fine after a couple of minutes. Just shows the improvement in medical policy these days. I am sure ten/twenty years ago they would have assumed that he was fine and he wouldnt have had the tests.

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