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New Prog - I haven't a clue..


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Right - Possibly setting myself up here, but it would hardly be the first time.


I'm an 'Old Prog' fan - early Genesis especially, but also Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Marillion etc.. etc.. But, those bands are all deed - so...... are there contemporary Prog bands I should be listening to as I haven't got a scooby.


I've heard Opeth and Anathema, And So I Watch You mentioned, but I know nothing about them ... yet.


Any others?

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early genesis and yes's 1st 2 albums I can give a go too...but ELP and marillion(:shudder:) are just beyond redemption.


as for new prog..f*** knows ...porcupine tree do sound as if theyd be right up your street though...though itd be a push to call them new.

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The stuff listed so far has definite retro-proggyinfluences but none of it is properly proggy (with the possible exceptions of Dream Theatre and Opeth) - for more traditonal sounding prog stuff from current/new bands checkout:


Mostly Autumn







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The Mars Volta were pretty proggy, also Baroness.


The last Tori Amos album was a full on concept album, Night of Hunters. Unfortunately it's sung by hot chicks, and not men who manage to be both bald and bearded.


do any of the hot chicks dress as wizards? are there twelve-minute keyboard solos?

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It Bites have been rejuvenated by John Mitchell and have relased two albums well worth a listen:


The Tall Ships

Map of the Past (this is their first concept album)


John also plays in Frost* and I'd recommend Milliontown out of those two albums.


Other than that my complete devotion to Rush continues and 'Clockwork Angels' is an excellent album. Also see what you think of:


Panic Room (Skin, Satellite, Visionary Position)

Porcupine Tree (Fear of a Blank Planet)

Trevor Rabin (Jacaranda / Can't look Away / 90124)

Karnataka (Gathering Light)

Magenta (Metamorphosis)

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Is Godspeed You Black Emperor any good to you? If not I can't help you.

Brilliant they are, Along With Explosions in The Sky, Battles. and a good dose of Bitch Magnet, but is it Prog Rock? Mono and Lightening Bolt aren't, but are still brilliant, though some Lightening Bolt can be a bit to much.


If your into instrumentals, soundscapes and those that are a bit different, try out my mates lable Chemical Tapes.

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