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Amateur Footy Season - Anyone Playing / Managing?

Leo No.8

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Our Sunday League season started yesterday with a 3-2 win. Made it from Widnes to the Liverpool game afterwards missing only 5 minutes.


I have signed for the outstandingly named Cronton Woodcutters this season in the Warrington Sunday League Division One, we've got some good players coming down and hopefully should do pretty well. Must say it felt good to be back after the whole cancer thing and a couple of big operations, nothing like the rough and tumble of Sunday league to make you feel alive! One lad tried to undertake further major surgery on my leg with his stud yesterday but fortunately wasn't too accurate.


Is anyone else playing or managing amateur footy this season, has your season started? Personal and team aims for the season?

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I run (chairman and manager) and play (aged centre back) a team in the Herts Advertiser Sunday league based in St Albans. We formed in 2010 and were promoted up 2 divisions after our first season. Last season was one of consolidation with a cup run to the semis which we should have won despite being down to 9 men.


This season we have launched a reserve team and also signed some players to strengthen the first team. Both teams should be aiming for promotion. League season started yesterday.


Pre-season saw the first team in great form winning 1-0, 3-1 and 5-0 (the last against a team from a higher league). Possibly went to their heads as yesterday they lost 4-2 and had the keeper sent off. Bad day at the office.


I'm playing with the reserves and pre-season we started with 6-1 and 5-3 wins before a 3-2 loss as we had got overconfident. Yesterday we played a very strong team - their first team from the top division had no game, so they put half with their second team and half with the thirds. We played the thirds and won 3-2 with the winner very late on. Bit of a pisstake what the oppo did with their first team, but as we won there is not much room for complaint!

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I'm fixtures secretary for Slough Town's youth section as a favour to the chairman.


I've retired from management and coaching and play golf at the weekends now, it's great, but do miss the matches I must admit.


Footie is great.

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My amateur season started 2 weeks ago. Drew the first game 2-2, won the second game 3-1. I play just in front of the back 4, my goal this season is to score 10 and concede less than a goal per match.


Already scored 2 in 2, goals against isn't a great start though.

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Retired from coaching for over a year now. Still involved with the club on coaching and player development. I miss the coaching big time. But I would have a hard time going back to be honest because of the young girl I coached for so long getting killed when she got to college. I was going to run my old team in a summer league but it just wouldn't be right without her.

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