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Too early to really panic..


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I admire your optimism, I really do.


But after watching us struggle to score goals in 4 of our first 5 games, looking closely at the squad and the player quality and examing our options on the pitch, I am very concerned.


Arsenal were a good looking team at times today, not great and they could have had more than the 2 goals they scored.


Better teams than them will take us apart if we do not find a way to create and take a few chances every game.

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I may be deluded but things aren't as bad as we think they are. We're only a couple of streaky wins away from getting our confidence back. We might lose against sunderland and united but a couple of wins after will help calm the nerves.


We talk about the players not having it in them to give their best for 90 minutes, the fans don't either. Rodgers is new to the players and vice versa. It was always going to be a long term thing with him.


I don't think we're left with much of choice but to be patient about things because anything else can only make things worse. On the management end, ayre's clearly a goner sooner rather than later if the approaches to get the AFL guy are true.


We do have a fairly thin squad but there's still a lot of quality is most first team positions. The thing is players like sahin haven't played for a year and assaidi, borini etc will take time to settle in. Rodgers said as much for both after they were signed.


Brendan must be pissed off after what happened on august 31 (throughout the window really) but he knew the kind of money he was working with when he got the job and must have developed a contingency plan for the same.


We probably won't make top 4 this season and I don't know how to react to that. I think that the owners are actually okay with it. They're following like a six sigma management policy to cut down costs and bring in other modes of revenue and only invest those funds in what they have at hand. Its a bitch to think that we could maybe have got hold of better owners when we had the chance to do so. I don't know if fsg are in for the long run or simply want to raise value/revenue before they sell (to someone richer i'd assume). They'll probably reinvest in the club any extra revenue but not spend money out of their pocket or by leveraging assets.


Thus, the only option we have with things behind the scenes and in front is to be patient. With pepe, skrtel, sahin, borini, suarez, rodgers and even fsg. I'd be keeping and eye on what the commercial director does and whether ayre is replaced by december.


We're three league games into a new manager and less than a year into what seems to be a new management ideology by fsg. We aren't going to see quick positive results


What a lot depends on is brendan rodgers and his staff. That will be the make or break for us. If he can be our rafa/wenger, things will look good in the future. If he's a hodgson, then, we're f***ed.

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We're s***, for all the changes made over the summer we're in a worse state than that which was deemed unacceptable at the end of last season.


What was the point of making those changes, if this is the way we end up? How qualified were the people who made them? Because they seriously look massively incompetent. In fact their shenanigans look to have further damaged moral, expectation and confidence at the club, leaving a good section of players and supporters disheartened, disillusioned and utterly fed up.

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I may be deluded but things aren't as bad as we think they are. We're only a couple of streaky wins away from getting our confidence back. We might lose against sunderland and united but a couple of wins after will help calm the nerves.



we've been waiting for these two streaky wins for 3 years now

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Looking at who has been replaced by who:


Between Spearing,Adam, Kuyt, Maxi and Bellamy we've lost 14 league goals last season.


New players supposed to make that up are Borini, Sterling, Assaidi, Cole and Sahin & Allen.


I don't think there is a lot to make up in terms of goals lost to be honest. You'd fancy Borini and Sterling to grab 14 goals between the pair of them.


Spearing, 0 goals as a senior, gone and Jordan, only 2 goals despite playing 37 games mostly in an advanced midfield position being further from the team should help. You'd fancy players like Sahin, Shelvey and Allen (in Joe's case, I am thinking compared to spearing/lucas least season) than what our midfield of spearing,Henderson and Adam (also 2 goals) got. Those 3 where our midfield for large parts of the season and only got 4 goals between them. Lucas and Gerrard added five more (all of them from stevie).


Think we will make up the goal difference from last year easily by simply not being incredibly poor for large parts of the season.


Whether there is enough in there to make significant improvements is another matter. Rodgers will really need to prove his mettle as a coach this season.

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I'm not panicking about the long term, though I think this season could be a bit of a write off which I suppose affects the ability to hire and retain the best talent next summer. Our back four and midfield are pretty much sorted and just need to learn the system. We've got good youngsters coming through. It was just a monumental c**k up of a deadline day which has left us two strikers short through letting Carroll go and not signing Dempsey or A N Other.


Even yesterday wasn't the disaster that it felt like second half. We had marginally the better of the first half open play, and created more chances (or good positions at least). We just had nobody to put them away. Once Arsenal got the first goal they were able to sit back and play us on the counter, which suits them completely, and we had no creativity or guile in the final third to break them down. That said, the game still could have been completely different if we'd got the penalty we should have when Suarez was held (much more contact than Agger vs Long), or if Suarez had taken his two decent chances.


Whatever happens we've got to keep the faith with Rodgers now. We all said that the first six fixtures looked tough on paper, and that we'd have to be patient as the squad adapted to the new style of play. Nothing's changed in that respect. Sacking managers every season leaves you with a mess of a squad that doesn't suit any new manager coming in. It puts you back years. Rodgers was probably too hasty in trying to do the clear out job in one summer window, but at least now we know that the players who are left are players that can play his way, and we can move forward. We're talking about adding players from now on, rather than how to shift them out (I'm ignoring Joe Cole!). And if FSG are prepared to spend £25m net every summer or thereabouts then that should be good enough to build the squad year on year.



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I think we should all start putting our facebook updates on here

Maybe there could be a thread for it


Only your best ones like, obviously


Or, as I put on twitter you could just add each other on facebook rather than telling us what you put on facebook #dicks

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of course our teams under Gillette & Hicks were better. when they bought us we were on our run into a second European Cup final in 3 years, had finished the season before 9 points off 1st place in the league and as FA Cup winners.


our teams under Gillette & Hicks were brilliant until the summer of 2009, when the transfer budget goalposts had been moved to such a degree that we couldn't replace outgoing players with anyone better coming in.


the position we were in when Gillette & HIcks took over and where they left us are light years apart. to judge Brendan Rodgers at this point is ludicrous.


FSG's main failing has been blindly letting Commolli throw money at over-priced, average British footballers. the initial cash injection which was supposed to spring us to life out of administration was wasted. Kenny managed to do that himself without the money. i think last season has since shown that FSG's reluctance to give Kenny the job full time was justified. it's a shame that he isn't still at the club in some capacity however.


at the beginning of last season we did exactly what Arsenal did to us yesterday at their place. they went on to finish 3rd in the league. we've got a long way to go before we can judge Brendan Rodgers' side, but he has a few big decisions to make early on now, namely: -


(i) how is he going to ease the pressure on Luis Suarez so he isn't trying to win the game in 5 minutes by himself

(ii) where does Steven Gerrard fit into this side, and should he remain captain?

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