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Gas fires and hearths


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Odd question I know, but what are there legal requirements on how wide/deep/high a hearth has to be for a gas fire? Can't find anything official on Govt websites and am left trusting fireplace companies...would rather cover myself with the legal definition.


Trying to re-install a gas fire that was removed by the previous owner and concerned the hearth isn't raised and deep enough.

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I don't think there are as long as there is adequate ventilation (which is obviously not something which is going to be directly affected by the dimensions of your hearth).


I think for a solid fuel fire,it might be different because the intense heat that they produce can crack a lot of materials so, although it won't be a dimensional thing, there may be good advice on which materials can be used to build a herth with... I was told a long time back that my plan to have a marble fireplace was a non-starter if I also wanted a coal fire as the heat would destroy your average marble fireplace/hearth....

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What sort of gas fire is it? Open flame or a stand alone jobby? We installed a fireplace last year with an open flame fire - looks great but heats feck all!


I think the standard depth of the hearth is about 15" and a couple of inches high but this is prob for aesthetic reasons as its designed to stop hot coals and fuel from setting fire to the carpet. Many modern fires can just be installed in the wall with no need for a hearth


Hope that helps

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I actually found the regs - basically consult the fire manufacturers guidelines but broadly speaking, hearths have to be 150mm wider than the fire, 300mm deep, 50mm above the rest of the carpet or surrounded by something a railing as high as that. All moot if the lowest point of the fire is 225mm above floor level, then you don't need a hearth.


All here in case anyone else ever needs the info: Really, really interesting stuff

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