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Remy Martin

John am Rhein

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this is my favourite drink (unless we're talking telephone numbers, or something):




But now it seems it's being (has been? :o ) discontinued in favour of this cunningly named "VSOP Mature Cask Finish" which sounds like it should be better but is actually not as good: http://www.remymartin.com/en/the-collection#/vsop-mature-cask-finish/




So is the good stuff (VSOP with a red label and no "mature cask" ruse) still available in UK?

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Kim Jong-il's favorite tipple wasn't it?


impeccable taste, that man


Which one did he favour? VS, VSOP or something more 'decadent'? Come to think of it, it was probably his passing that prompted the Cognac high command to go ahead with their 'mature cask finish' scam - a scam no doubt many years in the preparation...


Judging by the web sites, the real VSOP is still on sale in USA - what kind of price does it go for?


Why d'ye think John likes it? Any tipple fancied by a stalinist closed society dictator is always going be a winner with Herr Am Rhein.


what did Stalin drink, out of interest? His favourite film was "Birth of a Nation" apparently.


Trotsky, of course, drank the wrong kind of whisky which says it all really.

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When asked by Party Deputy Ivan Kharkov why he was sending former comrade Leon Trotsky into Siberian exile, Stalin confided that he had irrefutable proof Trotsky was working hand in hand with foreign counter-revolutionaries. When the deputy pressed Stalin to produce some evidence, Stalin fired back, “Trotsky drinks the wrong kind of whiskey!”


- judging by the spelling, the writer of that page drinks the wrong kind of whisky too

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Remy XO usually costs somewhere around $100 for a 70 cl bottle - although there seems to be quite a lot of variation. I've only ever bought it at airports.


I also found out that there's actually more than one type of 'Remy Martin XO', which probably accounts for the price variations. The only one I've had is 'Remy Martin XO Excellence' which is probably the best brandy I've ever tasted, but 'Remy Martin XO Premier Cru' may well be better (AFAIK it's more expensive so it should be)


Have you ever tasted 'Remy Martin VSOP Premier Cru'? I'm suspecting this is basically just a relabelling of what used to be called 'Remy Martin VSOP' with a higher price.


Managed to buy 3 bottles of VSOP the other day - but it's rapidly disappearing from the supermarket shelves here (Germany) and being replaced by this 'Mature Cask Finish' stuff. Can you still see the (red labelled) VSOP in UK shops?

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