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Neil Armstrong RIP

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The only time I have every been moved to tears in an exhibition was at one on the South Bank about ten years back, it was called Full Moon and it was a photographic exhibition of loads of unpublished pictures from the Apollo programme. I think it was the first time that it really hit home to me what an absolutely incredible achievement that was. The sheer bravery and enterprise that was involved was mind-boggling, and walking round that exhibition it l felt like I was looking at probably the greatest human endeavour of all time, and it had happened in my lifetime. And in the aftermath, we had collectively completely fecked up all the potential and credit that accrued from it.


I don't whether it brought tears to my because of what we'd lost or because of what they achieved. But it was, in a world that is saturated with ridiculous superlatives over the most trivial and pitiful actions, something that stands out as being genuinely, and lastingly, amazing. Armstrong, Aldrin & Collins will be mentioned in the same breath as the likes of Cook and Magellan in centuries to come. And rightly so.

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My elder siblings have always said this to. Something was said by the crew about something they saw either just before the decent to the moon landing or from the surface. Was never elaborated om afterwards though. Has been eluded to in some of the films and docs about the landings though.

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