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Mark Chapman


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The board said on Wednesday that Chapman's release would risk trivialising Lennon's murder.


"Despite your positive efforts while incarcerated, your release at this time would greatly undermine respect for the law," the New York State Board of Parole said in its decision.


Not sure those are the best reasons to be keeping someone locked up.

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31 years is a lot like



this is it


now, i don't know if he's rehabilited or what the story with him is exactly BUT if you believe in the possibility of rehabilition of offenders at all, after 31 years you've gotta be there or therebaouts haven't you? Punishment served?


If you think life should mean life then fair enough

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Yeah if there was any concern of him continuing as a danger to the public that'd be a justification you'd expect them to give. If he's been entitled to be considered for parole for 11 years and that's not getting mentioned and what is being stated is him being a model prisoner then it has to be time.

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