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Belfast outdoor relief march


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There is a march on 29th of september to remember the outdoor relief marches of the 30's , notably covered in Paddy Devlins " yes we have no bananas" ( that was the only tune they could play that both sides found inoffensive). The march is hoping to walk up the Shankill and down the Falls, which in itself is a great effort. The march starts at Customs house square @ 1330, let me know if you fancy going to it or need more Info.

Cheers folks

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I know a song about that...


What is outdoor relief anyway - sounds like public urination, but I'm sure it isn't.

It was a limited government intervention in the 30's , dole like but on much harsher terms. It pushed the working class together, thus the march. Sadly , the original movement was broken by the twin attack of the Unionist Party and the Catholic church who accused the workers of being pro united ireland and communist thus anti catholic respectivly. Beastards the both of them

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