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Oussama Assaidi


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Assaidi: The first interview




Moments after completing his transfer, Oussama Assaidi sat down with Liverpoolfc.com at Melwood to give his first interview as a Reds player. Here's what our new No.11 had to say...



Firstly, Oussama, welcome to Liverpool...


Thank you. I am delighted to have signed for this big club. I spoke with the managing director, Ian (Ayre), first when he came to Holland. After we spoke, I had a good feeling. Then I spoke with the coach (Brendan Rodgers) and when I did, he gave me a good feeling. How he wants to play is the way I like to - I want to play football. That's what we did in Holland and that's why I had a good feeling about coming to play for this big club. The fans here are great - they make a brilliant atmosphere in the stadium. This is a great club and you can't say 'no' to it.


Is it true there were other clubs interested in you?


Yes. I had offers from Galatasaray, Spartak Moscow and Ajax - but as I said before, I had a good feeling after speaking with the coach. When Liverpool come to you and say they want you, you never say no to this big club. I am very happy to be here. I signed today for one of the biggest clubs in the world.


Was that chat with Brendan Rodgers one of the key reasons in your decision to join Liverpool, then?

Yeah, but it was also about the club. This is a very big club. But you always want to speak with the coach, and as I said, the feeling he gave me was a good one. Before I spoke with him, I wanted to stay in Holland - but after talking to him, I made the choice of Liverpool.



How much are you now looking forward to playing for Brendan?


I am very happy to work with him. How we think about football is good. In Holland, I played 4-3-3, and he wants to also play like that (here). He likes to play with wingers, and I can also play as a No.10. I am very happy to work with him and I hope he can help me to become a good player for Liverpool.


Which players here at Liverpool are you most looking forward to playing alongside?


Liverpool have big players. I played against Luis Suarez for Heerenveen against Ajax. Steven Gerrard is a big player too, and it's brilliant for me to play with these great players.


It's a big move for you, but I suppose you must be used to big moves in your career having moved to Holland from Morocco when you were just four years old...


I was four when I went to Holland and I began playing football when I was 12. Later, when I was 18, I played for FC Omniworld in the second division and then I went to De Graafschap in the first division. Then I went to Heerenveen - and now I play for this big club, Liverpool. I think that experience will help me settle in here. I lived with my parents in Holland and now my family will come over and help me to do my job here.


You hold dual nationality. What made you choose to play for Morocco over Holland?


I chose Morocco because my parents are from there, and I am also Moroccan. It was a good feeling to choose them. I also spoke with the coach, Eric Gerets, and he believed in me, so that's why I made my choice of Morocco.


So for Liverpool fans reading this, how would you describe yourself as a player?


I think I am a technical player, I can shoot with either my left or right foot, I'm fast over the first few metres, and I think I have good vision.


As you touched upon earlier, you can play in a few different positions, but what is your favourite position?


My favourite positions that I like to play are on the left or as a No.10. On the left, I played quite well there in Holland, and so I like to play either there or behind the striker.


Is it true you're currently fasting for Ramadan?


Yes, I am fasting now for Ramadan. I am Muslim and I believe in Allah, god. That's why I fast and do Ramadan.


You did a running test here at Melwood this morning and the doctors were amazed at how quickly your heart rate returned to normal. Are you a naturally fit player?


Yeah, I am fit. I heard that from the doctor and I am very happy about that! Now I can't wait to play my first match for this big club.


How much are you looking forward to playing your first match at Anfield in front of the Liverpool fans?


I want to play my first match (at Anfield) now! I think it will be great to play for these fantastic fans at Anfield. I can't wait to hear 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. I hope my first game comes quickly! I have seen on TV what the atmosphere is like at Anfield. I cannot wait to play for this club.


Finally, do you have a message for the Liverpool fans?


The fans here are fantastic and I am very happy to sign for this big club. I cannot wait to play my first match.

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I reckon he could turn out to be a really good signing.

He's two-footed, quick and technically sound and judging by what I've seen from him in Holland, could be great as an impact player while he finds his feet in the Premier League.


Oh, and didn't cost us an arm and a leg.

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He loves a good feeling does Oussama.


What the f*** does Ramadan have to do with anything by the way?


Good luck lad.


It probably means he won't be playing while he is fasting?


Agree bit weird throwing it in there though

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spoke with a dutch mate last night who really rates this lad. reckons he's the sort whose game will be well-suited to england.



is it mean of me to be grateful this is someone else's opinion?


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