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Dealing with a motor giant


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I bought a Ford Mondeo Ghia Estate a year or so back.


After about 6 months it developed a fault where the engine would cut off, usually when decelerating but sometimes at speed.


When this happened, it wasn't like a stall (no juddering stop and shut down) but instead like suddenly trying to handle a 2 ton brick - no power steering, no assisted brakes ect. In short it was f***ing lethal.


The first time this happened we called the RAC and, despite a diagnostic not showing anything, the repairman said this was surprisingly common in Ford's and was usually a camshaft and/or crankshaft sensor fault.


After taking it to Ford their diagnostic found nothing, and recommend a fuel filter change. I did that. It kept happening.


I took it back after some research and asked them to check change the sensor. They didn't find anything on yet another expensive diagnostic and recommend a service. It kept happening.


Pissed off, I wrote to Ford's MD asking why a lethal and common fault like this was allowed to persist on a family car. Ford came back and replaced the camshaft sensor FOC.


It's still f***ing happening.


So, I don't want to keep paying out to take the car to a dealer, to replace the part and then hope that the issue doesn't reoccur as it is dangerous to us and other road users (the most common fun is slowing down to a roundabout and then finding the car shuts off and having to brake sharply to prevent flying into traffic). I don't want to sell it to some other poor sod to deal with.


What are my options? Can I get it written off as a dangerous liability or do I have to keep pushing Ford to fix the f***ing deathtrap properly? Can't see how this will do their brand any good, but then looking online, they're getting slated left, right and centre anyway.

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