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charlie clown

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Am in London at the moment and decided last minute to go to the theatre as I had the evening free and wanted entertaining. Anyway, watched the play (One Man, Two Guv'nors - feckn brilliant by the way, I think it's the most I have laughed since Borat) and afterwards went to get some scran. There was a Yo Sushi across the road that was still serving and as it was quite late I thought that was probably as good as it was going to get so I went in there. Left about 20 minutes later and came out the door to find a crowd of people right outside the cinema next door which had a bank of photographers at the front so I thought, I'll hang on here and see what this is about: now I have no idea who I'd missed when I was in Yo Sushi but for about the next 25 minutes there was just a flow of slebs and luvvies: newsreaders, actors whose faces I recognised but whose names I didn't know. But John Simpson came out with his missus and spent so much time talking to the photographers and autograph hunters that his missus came and stood at the side next to me and I got chatting to her.... difficult to keep my eyes on the job as she had a very low cut dress and very impressive bumpers (she looks about 25 years younger than him).


But then Rosamund Pike emerged. Man alive, she is beautiful. Proper, proper beautiful. I've always thought she was lovely when I've seen her in films and stuff but always assumed it was largely lighting, make up etc.etc, but she is just stunning.

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