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Blackburn Rovers


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Steve Kean faces sack if Blackburn Rovers lose three in a row


Blackburn Rovers manager Steve Kean has been warned he will be sacked if he loses three games in a row early on in the new Championship season.


Rovers dropped from the Premier League last season but Kean kept his job.


He faced criticism from some Blackburn fans, who have staged regular protests against him and the club's owners.


Director of football Shebby Singh said: "If, after three games, we have dropped nine points, then we'll only have a 50% chance of getting promoted."


Blackburn begin their Championship campaign away to Ipswich before home games against Hull and Leicester.


Kean has signed seven players since being relegated from the top flight, including Leon Best for £3m, Danny Murphy on a free transfer and Dickson Etuhu for an undisclosed fee.


Singh, a former Malaysian international player who was brought to Ewood Park by the club's owners Venky's in June, added: "I was possibly one of the worst critics [of Kean] last season.


"I'm sure the manager didn't like me much, but I say it as it is.


"I am working with the infrastructure that is already there and people need to prove to me that they can do their jobs."


In May, Singh wrote a column for the New Paper in Singapore in which he said Kean should be sacked, but he said he will not judge the manager on what has happened in the past.


Asked if he has the power to sack Kean, Singh said: "Yes. If the results are not forthcoming, I put the pressure on the manager and the players."





This is like a p*sstake scene from a sitcom :lol:



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This could run


Blackburn's global advisor Shebby Singh has made a public apology over comments he made about manager Steve Kean and midfielder Morten Gamst Pedersen.


On Saturday, Singh suggested Kean would be sacked if Rovers lost three games in a row early in the season.


He also likened long-serving Norwegian Pedersen to a "pensioner".

But Singh later told the Lancashire Telegraph: "I would like to extend an apology to Steve Kean because some things were said on Saturday."


He added: "I would also like to apologise to Morten Gamst Pedersen for what was said. There are no excuses and Morten is a great character."


“I am making efforts to bring the club back to the fans and, in trying to do that, I have gone too far. I am trying to find the middle ground

” Shebby Singh


From the BBC


It's all a bit mental tbh I expect Keen to be chairman by the end of the next season and Singh to be shot or something

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you know how sometimes i've banged on here about steve mcmahon being a complete c*** on the southeast asian football broadcasting? which he is, but shebby singh sits alongside mcmahon and makes mcmahon seem rational and considered. it's like man city making eamonn dunphy their director of football this. he's hatstand.

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the moment they appointed shebby you just knew they had watched live footy on asian telly and decided they needed a 'name'. quite what it's going to get them apart from headlines and ridicule i don't know. honestly, this lad is f***ing bananas. and knows so, so little about football he makes claridge look schooled.

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  • 1 month later...

Kean has quit. Well he says he's been 'forced to resign'.


From my igornorant point of view, a manager has a contract. If he is doing badly but wants to stay then the owners have to sack him if they want him gone which means they have to pay out his contract.


Obviously, a manager can do the 'honourable' thing and just resign, but in todays game and the money involved, who does that ?

If Kean is suggesting that he has been forced to resign rather than a 'mutual consent' arrangement then Venkys might have some dirty dirt on him that 'forces him to resign'


Obviously the above is wildly speculative ...... maybe I can get a job in the press ???

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Flew back from Dublin tonight and Mick McCarthy was on the same flight. Heard him on the phone talking to someone about the fact he was pleased his name had been linked to.... Presumably the Blackburn job as it is the only one going at the moment. He's got the record for getting clubs out of the championship so he might not be a bad call to get the job.

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From the looks of it, Singh tried sacking him a couple of days ago and Kean simply told him no.


I can believe it, given the dodgy madhouse they have going there and that Kean's wording in the end is that he was "forced to resign."


Their managing director didn't even know he had been 'forcibly resigned' when the media contacted him for comments after Kean's PC.

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