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Olympics TV/Radio Hosts, Commentators, Pundits


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Thought it might merit separating out from events/athletes.


Johnson and McEnroe are a given surely?


Thorpe was a revelation on a sport that is boring. Learned a lot (and I hope Jake did too) from Boardman and Cavendish.


Barker and Lineker are utter rubbish. Denise Lewis better than Colin Jackson if only because Johnson agrees with her regularly.


5Live shouty programmes introduced by Campbell and Derbyshire appalling. Do like the athletics commentary from Mike Costello and also Alison Curbishley (didn't know she was Cram's partner). Why does Pougatch shout so much these days?


Pearce and Lawrenson should be torn limb from limb obviously.


Nice to hear Barry Davies again.


David Bond should never be forgiven for his news piece to camera on the first Saturday. There had only been the road race and he said that "if medals don't start arriving tomorrow, difficult questions will start to be asked"


Oh, and Phil Jones, what does it feel like?


Best interviewee of those who "medalled"? Katherine Grainger by a mile

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