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need Excel help


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ok I know this is completely unprecedented but I need help with spreadsheets


I'm doing a rent analysis for a building with lots of small offices in it - 'serviced offices'




column A - lists the rooms 'Room Number'

column B - the asking rents 'Asking Rent'

Column C- a list of Ys or Ns depending on whether the room is rented or not 'Rented?'

column D - the actual rents being received (often smaller than the asking rent due to discounts etc) 'Actual Rent'

column E - this is the bit I can't do: I want the cells in this column to show the rents in column D expressed as percentages of those in column B, i.e. 'actual rent being received for this room as a percentage of the asking rent' BUT, only if it's actually rented, i.e. if it has a Y in the same row in column C; if it's a N then I just want it to stay blank 'Actual Rent as Percentage of Asking'


so how do you make a rule, if that's the right word, that if there is a Y in the corresponding row in column C, do the percentage calc in column E?


cheers peeps

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