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Responsible for own murder

Sir Tokyo Sexwale

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British businessman murdered in China bore some responsibility for his own death......apparently


f***ing hell



British businessman Neil Heywood bears "a certain responsibility" for his own death, a lawyer defending Gu Kailai has told her murder trial, as the first official account of how she is alleged to have murdered the Briton emerged.


Prosecutors said Gu – the wife of disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai – drank with Heywood in his hotel room until he vomited, then, when he wanted water, administered the poison that killed him.


The official statement released on Thursday did not explain why Gu's lawyer, Jiang Min, had said the 41-year-old Briton should bear responsibility for his murder. But officials said Gu had killed him in the belief that he posed a threat to her son and alluded to a conflict over money.


Prosecutors alleged that Gu arranged for Zhang to escort Heywood from Beijing to south-western Chongqing on 13 November last year. She met him in his room: number 1605 at the Lucky Holiday hotel, where they drank tea and alcohol together until he was so drunk that he vomited and needed water.


She then poured poison that she had prepared earlier, and had been carried by Zhang, into Heywood's mouth.


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