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I'm after a new gun and wondered what fellow forumites would recommend?


Not really.


Just sick of these summer holiday gun stories in Liverpool all the while right now. Every bleeding day someone seems to be firing them off down residential streets in the middle of the day. Then there's tw*ts like this one:


DRUG dealer Anthony McGivern who accidentally shot his best friend in the head during a drive-by attack on a rival gang was jailed for a minimum of 30 years.


Anthony “Leech” McGivern blasted front seat passenger Kevin Gott in the back of the head at point blank range while trying to shoot members of the Larkhill Crew on August 30 last year.


The pair had a falling out with the street gang over drugs and, Liverpool Crown Court heard, there was also resentment over the murder of Edward Pybis who was killed in a drive-by shooting in Walton a few months earlier.


Although it was McGivern, 25, who had most to fear from reprisals the pair got hold of a 9mm gun and a stolen Ford Fiesta with fake plates to carry out the attack.


But when they entered Larkhill Lane, Clubmoor, and saw their intended victims it was Mr Gott, also 25, who was shot as McGivern tried to both drive and fire at the same time – hitting him in the back of his hoodie.


Despite that he made a second attempt to shoot the Larkhill targets even while his friend’s dead body lay slumped in the seat next to him. McGivern then dumped Mr Gott’s body in a gutter on Brayfield Road, Norris Green, and set fire to the car.


He denied murder, claiming it was an accident, and although this was accepted towards the end of his trial he was still convicted of murder because he intended to hurt or kill someone, if not his actual victim.




Read More http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/liverpool-news/local-news/2012/08/08/anfield-man-anthony-mcgivern-to-serve-minimum-of-30-years-for-shooting-best-friend-kevin-gott-100252-31573248/#ixzz22x5juhd1


what's to be done with them eh?

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