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I've always tried to get out and do a bit of kine riding during the summer months and try and push myself.


I've been riding a bulky old Townsend Warlord mountain bike which I think is coming to the end of its day (my brother bought it about 20 years ago and I inherited it so it has done a good stint). Takes me about 40 minutes to do a very hilly 11 mile circuit but recokon I could cut that loads with a better machine.


So, what would be a decent replacement?


I don't think I want a full on racer with the clips for yer fancy shoes and all that as (a) I don't want to look like a c*** and (b) I'd probably fall off when I stop at the lights, but I probably would fancy something a bit lighter and nippier than what I've had (which is probably pretty much anything actually).


I would want something with either drop down handlebars or extensions that stick up as that is what I have currently and is where I tend to put my hands.


I'd want 18+ gears


I don't really want to spend more than £150 - 200 as I'll only use it in the summer to be honest.


Is that realistic?


Where to start?

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